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Get your own capture page to market your business.


An autoresponse system that does all the work for you. It automatically sends your leads emails reminding them about what you have to offer. Included is 50 professionally written messages that continue to market to your leads long after they have visited your site. Below are a list of the different messages that are sent out:

Instant - Hey ~name~, Thank you for checking out my page!
Instant - Thank you for your interest in The Motor Club of America!
Instant - Hey I'm your PCN sponsor!
Day 1 - Hey ~name~, I just wanted to make sure you're getting these!
Day 2 - What is Motor Club of America?
Day 2 - Hey don't forget to use the Paycheck Nation Ad Center!
Day 3 - Where to find the resources for PCN!
Day 3 - Are you still looking for work?
Day 4 - I CAN'T BELIEVE this is how they run their business...
Day 4 - Here to Help
Day 5 - In case you forgot!
Day 5 - The Unknown Key to Marketing Success
Day 5 - Is your family REALLY safe?
Day 6 - Marketing 101
Day 6 - Hey ~name~ it's simple. This is why I love what I do.
Day 7 - For Your Eyes Only
Day 8 - Accept no substitutes.
Day 8 - Surprising things people believe about having a job [that science shows isn't true].
Day 9 - 10 Indisputable Facts (That will BLOW YOUR MIND).
Day 10 - Training Just Got Updated!
Day 10 - Add Me On Facebook!
Day 10 - What you need is fast, reliable roadside service.
Day 11 - No Experience, No problem!
Day 12 - I couldn't finish watching this video. (Warning NSFW)
Day 12 - You can't afford to wait for an accident to happen...
Day 13 - Urgent: Accounts at Risk (please respond immediately)
Day 14 - Do You Have the Right Tools to Prosper?
Day 15 - Bookmark these to Succeed!
Day 15 - I was wrong.
Day 16 - Fwd: Have you seen this?
Day 17 - The World is Changing
Day 18 - [Pure Content] Creating the Irresistible Offer…
Day 19 - Fast Track to Newbie Success
Day 20 - You Deserve It!
Day 21 - Hey ~name~ a quick question for you
Day 22 - Do You Have Big Problems - Or Just Small Money??
Day 23 - Steal Our Formula and PROFIT
Day 24 - Explicit Video Goes Viral [18+ ONLY]
Day 25 - Don't Be Stupid.
Day 25 - Update!
Day 26 - Just give me one reason why.
Day 30 - Hey ~name~ what have you been up to?
Day 30 - Have you been trained yet?
Day 35 - We make ads FOR YOU
Day 35 - In a year from now…
Day 40 - How to be Paycheck Nation Professional
Day 40 - This is my last E-mail for a while
Day 45 - Thank you!
Day 50 - Get Leads
Day 60 - Keep it up!

See detailed statistics about who is visiting your pages and what type of conversion ratio your capture page has.

Never be in the dark about what advertising methods work best. We have made it easy for you to setup ad campaigns so you can see which campaign is delivering the best results.

View your leads, edit their details, leave notes, send them emails and more. We have made lead management and easy task.

Send all of your leads an email at the same time.

See which leads are opening your emails and which ones are clicking on the links inside of your emails.

Your account includes an autoresponse system so there is no need to use Aweber or GetResponse. However, if you already have an Aweber or GetResponse account and prefer to have your leads automatically loaded into your account you can. We have made it simple for you to use your Aweber or GetResponse account with your capture page.

We have a whole library of resources that will help you get started and turn you into a marketing guru.

$9.95 a Month

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